Microadventures, Dartmoor, and piss poor weather forecasting

Wildcamp star trail
So, to Microadventures first, and then to Dartmoor, and a very bad situation.

Have you heard of microadventures yet? If not, then be cautious clicking that link as they are addictive and the rest of your days will be spent wondering when your next microadventure will come. The gist of it is this: Adventure is a state of mind. Continue reading



Dungeness Sunrise

Ahh, the sacrifices we make in the name of love.

I had agreed to stay with Zoe and her family for christmas day this year, which meant that my yearly tradition of getting up ridiculously early and walking along Dymchurch beach to watch the sunrise would be broken. Aside from seeing my family and eating a butt load of food, that was one of my favorite things about christmas. Continue reading

Christmas in Berlin (Day 3)


And on the third day, Ben rested. For though he was a mighty adventurer, his legs were tired and he had a blister.

We slept in until about 10, so it was nearly lunchtime when we had breakfast at this really cool burger place near the hostel. I really wish I could remember what it was called so I could link it to you guys but its between Warschauer Str. and the east side gallery. It is also delicious and has a big squirrel painting on the wall so if you see it then you know thats the one. Right now the important stuff is out of the way lets get on with the rest of Berlin.  Continue reading

Christmas in Berlin (Day 2)


domflashHey lets walk to that statue in the middle of the park. It can’t be more than a ten minute walk…

Oh how wrong we were! Turns out its really really far away, it’s just freaking enormous so it looks close. It probably took us about an hour or so, but the walk through the park was nice. One of the first things we saw was the Soviet war memorial, built by Russian soldiers almost immediately after the occupation of Berlin after the war. They put it up so quickly that it actually came to sit in the British sector of Berlin, and once the wall went up it was inaccessible to the very Russians it was built for. It is flanked by the first two Russian tanks to make it to Berlin in the war.  Continue reading

Christmas in Berlin (Day 1)


Berlin is a lot like London, but less shit.

They also know how to do a christmas market properly. To be fair to London though most of Berlin’s only about 25 years old the dirts barely had time to work its way in yet. Which is a point I had never really thought about when it came to Germany. Modern Germany has really only existed since 1989, which is just shy of my entire life, so I’ve only ever known it to be as it is now. Seems odd to think that within my lifetime the country was divided so utterly.  Continue reading

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! We’re off to Go Below!


“You just have to take one big step off the edge, and then the auto belay will will catch you and lower you down”

What, that little box thing? Piss off, you’re having me on.

We were in Wales for two nights to visit Go Below, an underground adventure business that operates in the shadow of Mount Snowdon, giving tours through an abandoned slate mine. Hosting up to 9 zip lines (including the longest underground zip line in the world), some of the deepest points in Great Britain, a 70 foot free fall, several abseils, and multiple crossings of decades old wooden bridges. All that in nothing more than a pair of wellies and a head lamp.

Sounds right up our alley! Continue reading